Are Irish men ready for make up?

War Paint – makeup for men, designed by men, launched into the Irish market earlier this year stocking exclusively online in Arnotts and Brown Thomas.

Aiming to disrupt the industry, this vegan and cruelty free brand is breaking the stigma that makeup is solely for women. Their mission is to make it the accepted norm that men wear makeup, giving men the ability to feel confident in their own skin.

War Paint for Men offers a range of tinted moisturisers, foundations, bronzers and make up tools for all skin types. Each product is designed with male skin types in mind and easy to follow instructions to suit all users.

The business was founded by Danny Gray in 2018 and born out of his own experience of being bullied for his acne as a teenager, which led him to start using his sister’s concealer and foundation to give himself confidence. Since the successful launch, the business has attracted a highly diverse customer base and shown that men of all ages face similar issues in all walks of life.

Speaking of the Irish launch, Gray said; “I wanted to break down stereotypes in Ireland by creating a male specific brand that, in turn, makes the makeup industry gender neutral rather than a product.

There is a huge audience out there of Irish men who would potentially try makeup, but would never use, and definitely not purchase, a product that has been targeted at women.”

“I still have to pinch myself about the reaction we had when launching in Ireland and how well it was received. The press, TV and Radio coverage was immense and definitely helped in our mission to make men’s makeup the norm. Special thanks to Bannerton PR and Primeline who made it all happen.”

The full range of products is now available in online at and