These words are my own

n December, a new foundation launched that is committed to improving the mental-health of young people in Ireland.  The JC Foundation will provide 365 free therapy sessions each year to 18-25 year olds who simply cannot afford to access these services themselves.

A study by showed 71% of Irish respondents agreed that mental-health supports in this country are inadequate. JC Foundation’s core message helping with hope encourages self-compassion, understanding and kindness to oneself.

The study also revealed that almost 9 out of 10 respondents agreed that COVID-19 is having a negative effect on our mental-health and 84% of respondents believe that the government needs to increase funding for mental-health services during the pandemic.

“JC Foundation was the most important campaign for our organisation in 2020. In a year our businesses struggled with COVID-19, we focused our energy on the launch of JC Foundation to encourage the spread of positive thinking, caring for one another and most importantly, investing in our young people. The campaign was a source of light for all of our team and helped us to finish a difficult year on a real high”, says Rob Connolly, founder of JC Foundation and younger brother of John Connolly, who died by suicide at just 33 years of age and from whom the Foundation takes its name.

JC Foundation also provides mental-health tips and advice for young people and their families through their online platforms

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“These words are my own” – JC Foundation Launch

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