Bnnerton PR special

Bannertons Great Value PR Special

Christmas is fast approaching.

Working from home is swiftly becoming shopping from home these days!

So many retailers and businesses have cleverly invested in online sales and services, adapting to home delivery, take-away, personal shopping, Zoom consultations and other remote supports.

Bannerton is here and can support your efforts by letting your customers know you are open for business.

Now, more than ever, brand and business awareness matters.   Your clients need to know you’re around for them in the digital sphere that product and services are being efficiently delivered, that expertise matters, and that the current situation provides opportunity and the potential to adapt and improve.

Bannerton’s great value Christmas PR Special can help with news angles and the right media profile to generate business and drive sales.

This PR taster covers an initial consultation and media collateral for either two corporate media pieces, or one consumer media activation, combined with inclusion in our sought-after Christmas Gift Guides release.

Get in touch to see how Bannerton’s exceptional creativity and media expertise can light-up your festive market potential.

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